Göynük Canyon

Every day, right after breakfast, we pick up you from your hotel, after a 45 minute drive we arrive at Göynük Canyon. A 20 minute walk through an amazing environment takes us to the entrance of the canyon. Here your experienced guide will hand you your wet suits and repeat the info about the activity. You will make your way through the canyon between rock faces that are hundreds of meters high. You will swim, walk and climb short stretches. At some places there are ladders and during the climbs you will always be accompanied by your guide. The best fun is standing under a waterfall and jumping into the waters below! With a group that proceeds with average speed you will reach the big waterfall at the end of the canyon within 3 hours time. Advice: Bring sandals or comfortable walking shoes with you. It is best to apply sun screen before starting out on the 30 minute walk to the canyon. You can bring your sunglasses and camera to the start of the canyon. If you would like to take pictures in the canyon you will need a waterproof camera.