Perge, Aspendos

Perge where Hittites had settled in 1500 B.C. is 19 km far from Antalya. Perge is said to have been the oldest settlement region of Pamphylia. It is known that Saint Paul had stopped in Perge on his way to Rome when Perge was an important city of Pamphylia. The ancient remains found in this city such as Agora, Hellenistic Gate, Roman Gate, Collonaded Street, Roman Baths, Gymnasium ,Monumental, Fountain, Acropol, Theater and Stadium are worth while to be seen. Ancient city Aspendos is 49 km to the east of Antalya. Aspendos Theatre with 15.000 seating capacity is said to be the best preserved theatre in Asia Minor (Anatolia). Besides the theatre there are temples, monumental fountain, basilica, agora, bouleuterion, stadium and aquaducts in Aspendos. The most important piece of art is the Theatre, which had been restored by Seljuks in 13 th century A.D. but was used as a caravanserai. It is being used as a museum as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wished and it attracts a lot of tourists all the year. Lunch is on extra charge Activities included to the price Guiding, Historical places entrance fee